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INDIA AND CHINA / What is the real issue

June 06, 2020

20 brave Indian soliders were killed in a bloody tussle with Chinese troops on Monday, June 15th 2020 in the Galwan Valley, close to Aksai Chin, the area is claimed to be a part of Xinjiang by China and Ladakh by India. On Tuesday, The Indian Army said that three of its soldiers, including an officer had died and later it added that 17 Indian troops were critically injured and died from the injuries.

 According to ANI, 43 Chinese soldiers were killed in the attack. According to some reports, China has violently occupied around 60 square miles of Indian Territory. The reason for this pugnacious behavior of China cannot be identified and remains vague. But the Chinese newspaper has hinted at several reasons for China’s anger with India. The main issue seems to be India’s closeness with USA as China believes that India and USA wants to create an anti-China in the India-Pacific region.  The Global Times published an article on February 23rd, 2020, “China should not blithely ignore US overture to India. The Global Times again published an article on June 5th,2020, that stated, “Since Modi began his second term, India’s attitude towards China has changed...It is fair to say that India has been active in many US plans to target China.”

 Both sides have accused each-other for crossing the Line of Actual Control (LAC). As per the BJP MP Subramanian Swamy on Thursday said China is the one who crossed the Line of Actual Control (LAC) but the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that India had crossed the Line of Actual Control twice on Monday, “provoking and attacking Chinese personnel, resulting in serious physical confrontation between border forces on the two sides.” and the Chinese military  on Tuesday purported that the Indian troops again overstepped the Line of Actual Control in the Galwan Valley and “purposefully launched provocative attacks”, leading to “severe clashes and casualties”. Both sides insist that no bullet has been fired in four decades, and the Indian army said that on Tuesday “no shots were fired” in the brawl.


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