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Bollywood Suicide Cases / Depression, loneliness and suicide

June 06, 2020

News about the death of Sushant Singh Rajput made us shocked, and most of us found it indigestible. An actor who had gain name, fame and success in a very little time, and why at the age of 34 he took a step of suicide?

As we all know that actor Sushant Singh Rajput found hanged in his apartment namely, Mont Blanc situated on Carter Road in Mumbai's Bandra.

Actor Sushant Singh is now no more with us, but he left many unanswered questions for us.

Some of us may think that he committed suicide because he was not able to handle his stardom? Was he did this because of depression and loneliness? How a person who is having huge fan followers can feel loneliness? Why he went in depression? However, it has been reported that the actor under treatment for depression, but he had stopped taking his medicine and finally committed suicide.

This is not the only case of suicide in Bollywood, the history of Indian cinema has many suicide cases, and this graph of suicide and depressions are growing with time.

Let’s have look at how depression, loneliness, and stardom had snatched the life of many successful actors and actresses.

Preksha Mehta (26th May 2020) committed suicide by hanging on May 26, 2020, in her Indore residence.

Kushal Punjabi (26th Dec 2019), the actor was suffering from depression and committed suicide by hanging.

 Nitin Kapoor (14th March 2017) had jumped from a building on March 14, 2017.

Pratyusha Banerjee (1st April 2016) actress was found dead in her Mumbai apartment, committed suicide by hanging.

Sai Prashanth (13th March 2016) had committed suicide by drinking poison mixed with drinks.

Shikha Joshi (16th May 2015) actress had committed suicide in her flat in Mumbai by slitting her throat with a kitchen knife. Her neck had three small and a large cut

 Ranganath (19th Dec 2015) He hanged himself to death at his Hyderabad residence.

Uday Kiran (5th Jan 2014) actor had committed suicide by hanging himself on a tree because of depression due to financial crisis.

Jiah Khan (3rd June 2013), the actress was found hanging from a ceiling fan in her bedroom in Juhu, Mumbai.

Santhosh Jogi (13th April 2010), Santhosh Jogi committed suicide and was found hanging from a fan in his friend’s flat in Thrissur, Kerala. 

Kunal Singh (7th Feb 2008), the actor was found hanging from his ceiling in Mumbai.

Mayoori (16th June 2005), Popular south Indian actor Mayoori committed suicide by hanging herself at her residence in Chennai.

Monal Naval (14th April 2002) actress was found hanging at her residence in Chennai.

Silk Smitha (23rd Sept 1996), Actress was struggling with depression and found dead by hanging herself in Chennai.

Gurudutt (10th Oct 1964)   Guru Dutt was found dead due to the consumption of alcohol mixed with sleeping pills.  

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